Transylvanian Shepherd

Transylvanian Shepherd,

Transylvanian Shepherd, carbon on paper, 12″x9″

Much lore and myth has been weaved around the lonely figure of the shepherd… There is the Romanian legend of Miorita, whose main character can speak to his sheep and feels no fear of death. Then there is Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, which has become one of the most popular tales of our time. And there is also The Man Who Planted Trees, if you haven’t seen this yet, watch for the link at the end of this post.

Transylvanian shepherds are away from home and family for months at a time, traveling with their sheep from pasture to pasture. They live a life of little comfort and, together with their dogs, occasionally have to face wolves and bears. Their big sheep-skin coats keep them warm when the weather gets cold. The long staff occasionally becomes a thinker’s prop.

Thus concludes the series of drawings honouring my Eastern European, Romanian roots… for now… My focus is back to my present environment, Salt Spring Island with its gardens in bloom and fruitful soon too.



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