The plein air experience

Painting at Beddis Beach

Late August At Beddis Beach

I really don’t know what took me so long… This was the summer when I got out of the studio, into the forrest and onto the beach. Lucky for me, I live on Salt Spring Island and there is plenty of open air and inspiration all around.

Beddis Beach was the most enjoyable so far. No bugs trying to bite me like in the woods or land on my painting like in Ganges. Instead the soft rhythmical waves, barely there, on a peaceful warm morning. The sunlight softened by thin clouds and the sea shimmering in subtle shades of grey made the whole world feel calm and gentle.

The painting looks different now but needs a few finishing touches. The experience itself is still with me and will bring me back to the beach, back to connecting to nature and finding serenity.

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