Romanian Rhapsody

A wise man taught me once to listen to words and notice how their sounds describe their native land…  I forgot all about it until recently.


Doina, carbon on paper, 21 x 27 cm

Long ago, I made the decision to keep it simple when naming my artwork. It is a visual experience after all, not a verbal one. Occasionally however, I can’t stop myself from having fun with the words. This is such an occasion. I was looking at the “little church”  (guess which one), and that name did not feel good. I wanted a name that could mirror the feeling of the landscape and the old architecture. And suddenly old names of Romanian songs and stories started surfacing. Their rhythm and melody a perfect match to the lines in the landscape, I felt transported from pictures to music.

Chiot, carbon on paper, 27 x 20 cm

Chiot, carbon on paper, 27 x 20 cm, sold



Balada, carbon on paper, 20 x 27 cm


Snoava, carbon on paper,

Snoava, carbon on paper, 18 x 24 cm, sold



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