Portraits in Neptun


There he was, on the main street of Neptun, a Romanian Black Sea resort village. Crowded by the busy tourists in the evening, under a street lamp, very quiet and focused, he gave a full performance with each portrait…

I watched him draw a portrait in less than an hour. I can’t do that, it takes me much longer. I watched him for a while, paying attention to his technique, his tools, but mostly just enjoying the magic of the performance. A whole crowd of passersby was doing just that, watching him bewitched:


Customers were lining up, children and their parents. I did not believe a child could sit still for 40 min. straight, but now I do. I saw them even linning-up for a while before starting to pose. A 6-year-old girl told him she wanted a portrait but her mom would not allow it. A 10-year-old boy proclaimed himself the next in line, completely determined to not let anyone else ahead. Parents and on-lookers were watching and praising. It was a wonderful feeling to hear and feel so much appreciation for classical drawing.


I don’t know his name, never got the chance to speak to him. He did not take breaks, going from one client to the next, he’d be still drawing at 11pm when I usually left. But I did get a photo of his phone number, here it is, just in case you might get there:



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