Earth Pulse

The air carried tree pollen in the spring, so fine it took me years to see, sparkling like gold dust in sunlight. Of course everyone else saw it on the car. Not me, I was painting flowers from the garden.

I lived on an island in BC for a few years. The deer moved on the land, the great birds of prey circled in the sky and banks of fish were chased by seals at the shore. I watched and observed but did not think much of it at the time.

Then the grasses turned yellow and the flowers turned to fruit, on my paintings too.

The mists and the rain moved over the rain-forest and the trees started growing again. Storms came and trees crashed sometimes, providing wood to burn in the wood-stove next year. Fire and rain balanced each-other, and so did the wet and the dry seasons.

Slowly, over the years, this understanding of how in nature everything connects to everything else dawned on me. I remembered the old saying “wheels within wheels”, so fine seemed the balance of all cycles moving in a succession of rhythms, in harmony…

I am now back in Toronto, where I used to worry about the environment. All that… is gone! Instead there is complete faith and trust that planet Earth knows what it’s doing. To me, it is the most intelligent organism, and I feel blessed to be part of its rhythm.

Don’t get me wrong, I still recycle and avoid plastic like the plague, one of the few things I could not burn in my woodstove. But I simply do not worry anymore, that feeling has been replaced by trust, or faith if you wish.

Enjoying and appreciating seem to be important, celebrating the gifts of the Earth, being part of the symphony.

It is this feeling that I have tried to express with a calendar: a succession of seasons, of lights and colors, speaking of a timeless rhythm, of wholeness and belonging.

I hope you enjoy all the seasons of the year! If a calendar can help, please email me at They are 6″ x 6″, available now for $38, plus shipping. Also, if you have a friend or two who might appreciate, please share this with them.




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