Dark and Sweet November

It is not my favorite month of the year either. I know many people struggle with the decent into darkness that we experience at this time. It’s when I find out how much I want or can embrace my feminine side… The yin side, dark, passive, quiet, receptive, mysterious.

I have lists with things I want to accomplish. But my body does not seem to care. All it wants is down time. Watch a movie, read a book, have a nap, or a tea. Go to bed early. Keep the lights low.

So I start asking myself: how can I still do something after work? I get outside the subway and look for the moon. It truly feels beautiful, and mysterious. I get home and do yoga with all lights off. Finally I see something outside the window, trees like dark shadows against the sky feel comforting. My body relaxes in the pose.

I really don’t have a problem with not doing much, only with those things on my list not getting done! I consider getting a cleaning lady, eating out, outsourcing it all. Just be lazy, oh the capital sin… I look with envy to the cat. How about the bear, how many months exactly does it hibernate?

The quince ripens in November and fresh, can fill a room with its floral scent. It is also on the November page of my new art calendar. Coming soon. Very soon.

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