“Beautiful paintings” – Henny


Carnation oil on canvas 5"x7"

“Looking at your beautiful carnation every day connects me to a sense of inner space and inspiration. Thank you!” – Johanna


Arbutus Leaf - Green and Purple

“I really resonate with your study of nature’s simple beauty.” – Keiko



“Small paintings like jewels.” – Roxana



“…a reminder of all the roses that she grew” – Esther



Her story:

Romanian by birth, Goia was living in Toronto when the irresistible need to draw, significantly changed her life. She studied drawing at the Academy of Realist Art Toronto.


Figure study

Then she moved to Salt Spring Island BC, where she was inspired.



She started painting in oils on her own and it wasn’t easy…

After she committed to painting daily, she met a master in the accomplished American painter Cary Ennis, who became a guiding light and a good friend.

Orange on Turquoise, oil on canvas panel, 7"x5", $110

Orange on Turquoise

In January 2014 Cristina traveled to Scottsdale Arizona for a workshop with Cary’s esteemed teachers, David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw. She will always remember David’s critique of her painting:  “This is fabulous!”

Mr. Fabulous

Mr. Fabulous


Goia believes that paradise means garden. She paints to remember how it feels: the careless grace, the exquisite gifts of the Earth, the abundance and diversity… She wants to inspire you to bring these qualities into your life, and dream of paradise on Earth. Dreams do come true!


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